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burger boutique

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  • Interior Design
  • Prototype Design

Burger madness found its home at Flip Burger Boutique, turning the iconic American burger joint upside down.

The menu at Flip is the brainchild of Owner Barry Mills and Celebrity Chef Richard Blais. Known for his forays into molecular gastronomy and use of cutting-edge techniques, such as freezing milkshakes with liquid nitrogen, Blais and Mills enlisted the help of ai3 to design a space for Flip that was equally radical. Whimsical and edgy, this burger boutique is a clever interpretation of what it means to flip and to “flip out.” To that end, a series of custom inverted booths line one wall of the restaurant within “padded cells.“ Equally stimulating is the large mural designed specifically for the space, featuring wild and colorful graphics layered to simultaneously hide and reveal a multitude of images.

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