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  • Interior Design

How do you redefine the restaurant experience? Celebrity Chef and culinary trailblazer Kevin Gillespie told us he wanted to do just that with his one-of-a-kind eatery featuring rolling carts of creative, ever-changing dishes. Kevin needed a team of designers and architects who shared his innovative vision. ai3 was his first and only choice.

The design of the space needed to be as unique as the food.

The concept deconstructs fine dining by creating a restaurant with no partitions between chef and guests, with everyone engaged in the evening’s cuisine “like raw dinner theatre”.

We pushed aside our drawing boards and went full-on cardboard.

The ai3 team built the restaurant’s interior on-site with cardboard at full size. We walked through the different operational, service and patron experiences to understand what we would need to reinvent.
“One of the most promising, perplexing, interactive, and utterly ballsy restaurants Atlanta has ever seen.” – Atlanta Magazine

The Spartan quality of the space allows for the focus to be on the food and its preparation.

Decoration is minimal. Texture is minimal. It encourages activity and energy to fill the space and draws the kitchen and dining room together.

While the layout appears simple, ai3’s thoughtful design details allow the Gunshow concept to thrive.

The entire restaurant is a series of 2-tops arranged in wide rows to give ample room for carts to move freely about. A series of custom table leaves allows Gunshow to seat parties of any size.

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