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Hotel Indigo Tallahasassee

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Hotel Indigo Tallahassee

  • Architecture

The Hotel Indigo Tallahassee draws on the fabric of its local area to inspire every aspect of the guest experience. ai3 used this “neighborhood story” as a springboard for the property’s design.

ai3 drew inspiration from the area’s industrial past, natural beauty and thriving artistic community.

In the 1800’s, Tallahassee’s mid-way location between Pensacola and St. Augustine, and the development of a tanning yard, planing mill and ice company, attracted the Georgia Railroad, forever changing the city’s landscape. ai3 paid homage to Tallahassee’s industrial roots by incorporating elements like galvanized and corrugated metal, brick and steel into the Hotel Indigo design.

The hotel stands at the heart of Tallahassee's Arts & Culture District, exemplified by Railroad Square Art Park.

Located on a site that was once a saw mill, Art Park is now home to dozens of studios, galleries and unique shops. ai3 designed a hotel experience that connects to the pulse and rhythm of this creative hub, where potters, sculptors, painters, wood-workers, and filmmakers are all part of the art scene.

Known for its parks and gardens, the natural features of Tallahassee include cypress lowlands, springs, lakes, rivers and underground caves.

These elements serve as a unique juxtaposition with the industrial energy of the area.

The hotel caters to visitors of Florida State University, young professionals and legislators from City Hall.

These guests are immersed in an experience truly reflective of the local community.

Program Components

140+ Guest Rooms
Guest Suites
Full-Service Restaurant, Bar, & Patio
Board Room
Pre-function Area & Terrace
Rooftop Patio


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