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For 285 Marietta Street, ai3 has designed an office tower concept, the form of which was inspired by the negative space created above the neighboring industrial buildings.
An integral part of the neighborhood landscape and history, the space had connections of its own. Rather than risk alteration of the structure, ai3 developed a plan that would create a space within a space.
Inspired by Woodstock's railroad heritage, Acru redefines banking by functioning like a town square, filled with activity and loosely defined spaces.
Brought in to design Alma Cocina with Atlanta firm Peace Design, ai3 was tasked with creating an authentic experience for modern Mexican cuisine within the high-end business environment of 191 Peachtree.
Rather than brand the space for one or both agencies, ai3 developed a space that would ultimately illustrate what it means to be creative in general.
One of the most profound effects of ai3’s design is also one of the initial impressions one gets upon entering Bocado: cleanliness.
When exploring potential design directions for the new library, ai3 sought foremost to reinvent the American library, dismantling the introverted model in favor of a more inclusive and engaging design.
It is indeed rustic with vintage details, like the old meat slicer that sits behind the bar and the worn wood bowls and pizza peels that casually adorn the space.
As ai3 conceptualized what renovations to Colony House might look like, they dispensed quickly with the idea of embarking on a historical preservation project focusing on what Le Courbusier would design today.
The design conceived by ai3 covers the map in terms of style, culture and functionality and bridges iconic southern style with custom eclectic elements.
ai3 added flexibility, comfort and personality to these areas by replacing outdated task-oriented furnishings with eclectic, multi-functional pieces that can shift easily from day to night.
This Smyrna speakeasy is a true backroom saloon, a quality that makes Eleanor’s feel private and special for those who find it.
Whimsical and edgy, this burger boutique is a clever interpretation of what it means to flip and to “flip out.”
Designed for Geiger, the 2 by 3 stool showcases everyday hardwood, highlighting its beauty and structural versatility.
Within this modern professional landscape, the Peer Table is a beautiful and versatile structure. Inspired by architectural design, Peer features a striking profile of parallel planes.
From the enormous chalkboard to the green sofas in the lounge, The Globe is classroom refined.
When designing Googie Burger, ai3 carefully balanced needs to add value to the park without creating competition for its existing attractions.
The design team at ai3 pushed aside their drawing boards and built the restaurantís interior on-site with cardboard at full size. They examined different experiences to understand what they would subsequently reinvent.
The whole of H&F Bottle Shop is reminiscent of a vintage apothecary, a place one visits for personal attention and expertise.
Inspired by the 70s rock and roll culture and a generation that grew up on hot dogs, ai3 infused HD1 with gritty, raw elements and a touch of synthetic texture.
At Holeman & Finch, whole pigs are butchered, tonic water is made from scratch, and experimentation is just part of the routine.
Inspired by the idea that Hotel Indigo’s guest rooms should feel less like hotel rooms and more like a friend’s apartment, ai3 refreshed the rooms with personality.
To use the strength of Hotel Indigo’s “Neighborhood Story,” the team developed a story no other hotel in Nashville is capable of telling, a story outside of their lobby windows.
Intent on blurring the lines between functional areas, ai3 saw the potential to make spaces less formal and to encourage a more casual atmosphere.
ai3's design optimizes the space available, allowing the Hub to transition from day to night.
With the opening of Ink & Elm, the residents of Druid Hills will have a place to call their own. In fact, they will have three spaces in one and a destination that speaks to the past and future of the neighborhood.
Variations in seating and finishes provide Inman Perk with an ability to function as a series of rooms in one.
Once an empty three-story cavern, the B400 atrium is now a modern-day camp with space to gather, retreat, or recharge the imagination.
Behind the old shutters and reclaimed floorboards is a wall of red glass tiles, a signature relic of Joel Antunes’ exclusive namesake restaurant.
Capable of changing the way a space functions through simple reconfiguration, this modular lounge collection is suitable for hospitality, corporate, higher education, and restaurant environments.
Unlike typical seafood style, which tends toward a vacation-like experience, Lure’s design goes deeper, taking guests away from the sand and sunsets to the massive ships and harbors that are the landscape of industrial fishing.
The atmosphere and the story of the design are key ingredients to the pizza experience.
Hallways and rooms meander as if in a farmhouse, yielding an evolving translation of the modern-rustic approach.
Together with his wife, Sarah Marie Johnston, Chef Tom Gray envisioned a place where design, food and ambiance work together holistically to create a special and welcoming experience.
In designing Common Ground, Johnson immersed herself in the healthcare and textile industries, examining trends and technologies that would extend the life of the Pallas products.
The Heritage textile collection celebrates our memories of classic, vintage style with colors inspired by iconic movie stars and the characters they portrayed.
Patterns in the Two-Timing collection were inspired by a wide range of fashion staples, from shoes and handbags to stockings and cosmetics.
This ai3-curated exhibition discussed the Italian design culture in the larger context of fashion, industrial and furniture design and its influence on the Italian motorcycle.
The building’s Bauhaus features are prominently featured and complemented by ai3’s use of ambient lighting, warm floor-coverings, furniture groupings and large-scale graphics.
The backdrop is industrial and rustic, however, the overall atmosphere is ruggedly airy. ai3 has achieved this fine balance by using the space to their advantage.
With great consideration paid to accommodating a pedestrian experience amongst high-density concerns, ai3 designed the structures as compositions in shape and scale.
Much of the personality that drove ai3’s design for Seed was inspired by the chef’s own photography and travel experiences.
Like a finely tailored suit, texture and pattern are incorporated throughout the space and subtly reinforce the firm’s customized approach to wealth management.
Classic mid-century furniture creates a comfortable vernacular from which unexpected elements diverge.
Surpassing traditional models, Zensai and Porto are transportive experiences, demonstrating ai3’s capabilities and range.
A visit to The SuperGroup is akin to entering the set of a Stanley Kubrick film. The only thing missing is the ubiquitous sound of hydraulic doors opening and closing.

Thereís a new and improved Taco Mac coming to neighborhoods. Itís a place known for great wings and beer, and with the help of ai3, it will be also be recognized as an exciting place to grab a meal, hang out or enjoy a game.

Exposed brick walls, large windows, and steel trusses are integrated seamlessly in the design.

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