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cooper's hawk

Symbolically bridging the cultures of dining and wine-making, all interior and exterior elements of the restaurant are connected by an impressive architectural space: a bright and airy, wood clad double height arcade.

Some say the combination of two good ideas create a great one. At the intersection of wine culture and restaurant culture stands Cooper’s Hawk, a thriving restaurant brand with a winery to call its very own. Pouring only Cooper’s Hawk brand wine, each dish is specifically designed to be applauded by its refined complement. After more than a decade of successful restaurants, the management team approached ai3 for a holistic ground-up build and interior out-fit with the desire to evolve the brand.

One of the wealthiest cites in the United States, Naples, Florida is known for its seasonal “snow birds.” Directed to make a statement, ai3’s building is designed to impress. As the cornerstone of the brand, the design is fueled by the abundant social framework associated with wine culture. In fact, upon entry, guests are welcomed by an expansive tasting bar and robust retail displays packed full of Cooper’s Hawk wine.

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foundation social eatery
Chef Mel asked the ai3 team to build something with backbone, a space that would speak to strength and simplicity but would be infused with creativity.
Together with his wife, Sarah Marie Johnston, Chef Tom Gray envisioned a place where design, food and ambiance work together holistically to create a special and welcoming experience.
stem wine bar
In many ways, Stem is a wine theatre. The space is dark, rich and intimate; its inspiration is rooted in the deep tones that are so equivalent with red wines.

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