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Emerging from the concept, the experience of the restaurant unfolds through the bustle of an authentic Japanese fish market.

Evolved with panoramic eyes, the dragonfly has the visual sense that would perform as a superpower for any human being. Similarly, Hiro Leung, president of Dragonfly Restaurants and keeper of the brand, possesses a vision for pushing Japanese cuisine beyond expectation, helping him to see the grand idea of the future goals of the organization. Compelled by the love of craft, Leung approached ai3 for their hand in designing an evolving concept in Doral, Florida.

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echo at the king and prince
Nautical elements like I-beams, rivets, portholes, boat cleats, and the open galley kitchen are clever and stylish reminders of the King and Prince’s voyage through the years.

In pursuit of a causal, yet upscale neighborhood seafood restaurant, Chef Turbush teamed up with ai3 for the third time to bring this oasis to life.

Unlike typical seafood style, which tends toward a vacation-like experience, Lure’s design goes deeper, taking guests away from the sand and sunsets to the massive ships and harbors that are the landscape of industrial fishing.

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