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From the enormous chalkboard to the green sofas in the lounge, The Globe is classroom refined.

Located in Midtown Atlanta, The Globe is a modern interpretation of the classic European bistro, an energetic hub where commerce and academia mix. In this cosmopolitan space, ai3 has introduced a new genre of style — schoolhouse chic — that cleverly blends a classroom aesthetic with subtle transatlantic influences.

Throughout the space, details are derived from an institutional vernacular and executed with creative subtlety. From the enormous chalkboard to the green sofas in the lounge, The Globe is classroom refined. Simplicity and repetition enhance the modern educational aesthetic. Bookshelves line the walls and serve as a backdrop to the bar. Whether displaying books on haute couture or rows of Italian sparkling water, they lend creative plurality to the space.

With a nod to its namesake, The Globe is designed to encourage exploration. Divided into a series of unique compartments, the space offers diversity. To fully experience The Globe, one must visit each area. One evening may lead to drinks at the 31-foot zinc bar with its café tables, or dinner along the nine-foot tall banquette. Another trip might yield coffee beneath the star-like clusters of Glo-Ball lighting, or a view of the sunset from the wall of windows or patio.

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