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At Holeman & Finch, whole pigs are butchered, tonic water is made from scratch, and experimentation is just part of the routine.

It’s one o’clock in the morning on a Thursday. A young chef is placing three individually deviled eggs in a cast-iron dish. Nearby, a mixologist carefully adds a splash of rare angostura bitters to a cocktail shaker. Such handcrafted food and drink at such an informal hour can only be found at Holeman & Finch Public House. Here, reservations are shunned and camaraderie is exhalted. This modern day pub is more than simply a restaurant and bar combined, it is a gastronomic microculture. At Holeman & Finch, whole pigs are butchered, tonic water is made from scratch, and experimentation is just part of the routine.

Nestled in the ground floor of a high-rise along Atlanta’s famed Peachtree Street, Holeman & Finch is one part laboratory and one part butcher shop. Dark stained wood floors, hanging filament bulbs and battered steel panels come together to form a space that is equally rooted in the past and the present. At one end of the space, the dining area is informal and cozy, with oversized wood veneer light fixtures and deep booths branded with the Holeman & Finch mark. At the opposite end, the bar is casual and energetic, with metal barstools, a steel wall and pendant lights made from hand-blown glass.

A public house by definition, social current is central to the mission of Holeman & Finch. The layout was designed by ai3 to encourage interaction, whether it is between guests or with the staff. Immediately upon entering Holeman & Finch, guests are granted visual access into the kitchen via a large window through which the chef can be seen butchering meat or slicing homemade bread and pickles. Communal tables complement the menu’s assortment of small plates, inspiring adventurous appetites and instigating conversation among guests. Equally stimulating is the pair of massive glass and steel cases that flank the entryway displaying the establishment’s assortment of meats and wine.

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An integral part of the neighborhood landscape and history, the space had connections of its own. Rather than risk alteration of the structure, ai3 developed a plan that would create a space within a space.
This Smyrna speakeasy is a true backroom saloon, a quality that makes Eleanor’s feel private and special for those who find it.
Hallways and rooms meander as if in a farmhouse, yielding an evolving translation of the modern-rustic approach.

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