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As ai3 conceptualized what renovations to Colony House might look like, they dispensed quickly with the idea of embarking on a historical preservation project focusing on what Le Courbusier would design today.
ai3 added flexibility, comfort and personality to these areas by replacing outdated task-oriented furnishings with eclectic, multi-functional pieces that can shift easily from day to night.
Inspired by the idea that Hotel Indigo’s guest rooms should feel less like hotel rooms and more like a friend’s apartment, ai3 refreshed the rooms with personality.
To use the strength of Hotel Indigo’s “Neighborhood Story,” the team developed a story no other hotel in Nashville is capable of telling, a story outside of their lobby windows.
Intent on blurring the lines between functional areas, ai3 saw the potential to make spaces less formal and to encourage a more casual atmosphere.
ai3's design optimizes the space available, allowing the Hub to transition from day to night.
Surpassing traditional models, Zensai and Porto are transportive experiences, demonstrating ai3’s capabilities and range.

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