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hotel indigo (tallahassee)

The design of the new Hotel Indigo will tell a unique story about the neighborhood’s industrial past to its artful present, and drawing inspiration from the railroad in between.

Tallahassee was established because it was equidistant between Pensacola and St. Augustine, making it easier for leaders from both established metropolises to meet. The actual spot was a fabled waterfall “a beautiful cascade” where a city reserve was established in 1825 to protect the water supply. This juncture evolved into a tanning yard and planning mill that attracted the Georgia Railroad, and forever changed the landscape into a more industrial city.

Today, a new iteration of the city emerges where its once great warehouses stood and at the heart of the future hotel. Art Park, formerly McDonnell Lumber Company, is filled with potters, sculptors, painters, wood-workers, and filmmakers. Once a sawmill piled high with lumber on dirt floors, these galvanized and corrugated metal buildings are now home to these creative talents. It is ALL of these stories that influence the architecture and interior designs.

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Combining the charm of nostalgia with fresh and approachable elements, ai3’s design is synonymous with the Mount Vernon community.
Taking cues from the rich industrial history of Hattiesburg, ai3’s design inspiration for the Hotel Indigo began with the circular growth of the long leaf pine, a metaphor for the expansion of the Hub City itself.
hotel indigo (orange beach)
Immediately upon entering the Hotel Indigo Orange Beach, guests are greeted by a trio of installations that evoke the magnitude of the Gulf.

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