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Intent on blurring the lines between functional areas, ai3 saw the potential to make spaces less formal and to encourage a more casual atmosphere.

In the same way that the romantic era of air travel came and went, so too have people’s image of hospitality. It was little more than a generation ago that people thought of hotels as an adventure, seeking out destinations with the latest social amenities, such as ice machines, restaurants, swimming pools, and great bars. Over the years, however, the hospitality industry has changed, shifting from a social atmosphere to one that services the basic needs of guests. Along the way, hotels have lost much of their former personality.

To help reclaim the sense of comfort and social adventure that hotels once offered, ai3 created an innovative lobby concept that brings hotel guests together in one space for a variety of purposes. ai3’s design is heavily influenced by the knowledge that people are social, even when they are on the road. People need a sense of community and a space where they can relax without being isolated. For ai3, this solution meant skillfully housing a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, market, ebar, media center, and game area in one resourceful, flexible, inviting and open space.

The anchor of the concept is a multi-functional bar, acting as a coffee shop in the mornings and as a lounge at night. Other amenities are close by, allowing guests to order a chef-made omelet to accompany their cappuccino or to grab a bottle of water at the self-service market. The ebar offers a comfortable spot to send email, update one’s facebook status, or check flight schedules.

Flexibility is inherent in the concept, allowing a variety of guests to feel equally at home in the space. The modern dining scene is designed to balance diverse groups, whether couples or large gatherings. The Media Room is outfitted with adaptable lounge furnishings and a large media wall, which houses board games, periodicals, and an LCD screen for watching news, sports, or movies. As the day progresses the space transitions to suit guests needs. The space is as natural for breakfast meetings as it is for watching a game while enjoying a plate of wings and a cold beer.

Designed to encourage a new generation of hotel travelers to enjoy their stay, ai3’s hotel concept changes the way space is defined. Casual and fluid, the design does more than meet basic needs, it engages guests and offers a refreshing social experience.

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ai3's design optimizes the space available, allowing the Hub to transition from day to night.

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