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The library design seamlessly combines modern architectural forms with columns from the precursory church, standing as a symbol for an evolving Steward-Lakewood community with deep-seated roots.

Connection to the community ranked as the most important design challenge for the development of the Metropolitan Library. Alongside members from the Fulton County Library System and the Steward-Lakewood Community, the design team at ai3 engaged in conceptual design consultation for architecture and interior design services. To accomplish the goal of connectivity, the Metropolitan Library was planned as a contemporary public building with architecture and site planning centered on the language of the abandoned church where the library now stands. Enhancing the spirit of the neighborhood, the library seamlessly combines modern architectural forms with existing Corinthian columns from the entry of the precursory church. While the remainder of the church was demolished, the library’s architecture stands as a symbol for an evolving community with deep-seated roots.

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For Marietta Street, ai3 has designed an office tower concept, the form of which was inspired by the negative space created above the neighboring industrial buildings.
Together with his wife, Sarah Marie Johnston, Chef Tom Gray envisioned a place where design, food and ambiance work together holistically to create a special and welcoming experience.
Considered one of the largest urban infill sites in Atlanta, the development is organized in a “town square setting,” and will pay homage to the industrial roots of the area.

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