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Patterns in the Two-Timing collection were inspired by a wide range of fashion staples, from shoes and handbags to stockings and cosmetics.

In her second collection for Pallas Textiles, ai3’s Lucy Aiken-Johnson has introduced the textile industry to catwalk-worthy designs. Inspired by fashion iconography, Lucy’s Two Timing collection is a modern rendering of classic fashion for use in custom interiors. Four distinct and complementary patterns, available in two color families, reinterpret styles ranging from Chanel to fishnets and can easily satisfy the most diverse palettes.

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In designing Common Ground, Johnson immersed herself in the healthcare and textile industries, examining trends and technologies that would extend the life of the Pallas products.
The Heritage textile collection celebrates our memories of classic, vintage style with colors inspired by iconic movie stars and the characters they portrayed.
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Our personal journeys down memory lane have inspired a collection of textile patterns reminiscent of childhood play with a modern mature approach.

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