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Responding to each other, each Starling birdís whirling movement is sequential and acrobatic, an idea which manifested into the themes of 13th century poet, Jelaluddin Rumiís work and into ai3ís design of the restaurant.

As Rumiís kitchen grows to a second location at Avalon in Alpharetta, GA, so do the spirit of the restaurant and the inspiration of its namesake. Named after the 13th century poet, Jelaluddin Rumi, the restaurant intends to carry out the poetís message of reaching inner peace, happiness, and love by connecting guests with rich Persian culture and the unique cuisine born from the region.

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foundation social eatery
Chef Mel asked the ai3 team to build something with backbone, a space that would speak to strength and simplicity but would be infused with creativity.

With tradition and superstition written on its walls, the building stands as a metaphor for “being in the know,” the driving force of the concept for Local Republic.

Reminiscent of a Middle Eastern Shuk, the design of the Yalla food stall showcases a vibrant display of cultural ingredients.

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