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With a philosophy so individual and intimate, the partners at Signature FD turned to ai3 to design an office environment that would cultivate relationships as well as productivity.

At Signature FD, success is not only measured by the knowledge of its advisors, but is also a reflection of the individual client experience. For this boutique, Atlanta-based wealth management services firm, prosperity is more than a numerical goal. Rather, it is the ability to live confidently, fully and purposefully. Here, each financial strategy begins with a personal conversation about dreams, passions and goals for life.

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While supporting daily work, the CODA tenant amenities contrast the typical office space by creating fresh and lively surroundings for cultivating new ideas.
By listening to the team’s stories of what we all love about Atlanta and understanding the journey of the Microsoft customer, ai3 finds a unique design story.
Like a finely tailored suit, texture and pattern are incorporated throughout the space and subtly reinforce the firm’s customized approach to wealth management.

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