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Exposed brick walls, large windows, and steel trusses are integrated seamlessly in the design.

At Tandus Flooring, doing the right thing just makes sense. For over 20 years, Tandus has been designing products that are every bit as sustainable as they are stylish and sophisticated. An industry leader, Tandus has set and reset benchmarks for innovation, corporate responsibility and environmental accountability. With the completion of their Atlanta showroom, ai3 has helped Tandus raise the bar even further.

The Tandus showroom is a model for sustainable design and construction. In 2007, the showroom was awarded LEED Silver Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This achievement recognizes the extraordinary measures taken to reduce waste, conserve energy, and make efficient use of resources. Materials were selected to meet limits for low volatile organic compounds, utilize high-recycled content, and were sourced from within a 500-mile radius.

The low carbon footprint of Tandus’ showroom is enhanced by the organic elegance and architecture of the space. Located in an historic Trolley Barn in Westside’s King Plow Arts Center, the showroom was designed to preserve and highlight the existing building. Exposed brick walls, large windows, and steel trusses are integrated seamlessly in the design. The open floorplan is multifunctional, maximizing natural light and providing distinct areas for a communal table, coffee bar and modular lounge. A larger enclosed conference room provides space for presentations and meetings as well.

The Tandus sales staff offices are housed above the showroom using an efficient mezzanine. Bright white finishes and glass doors and partitions make the most of the daylight and foster a culture of transparency and collaboration. Tucked in one side of the building, the mezzanine provides confidential workspace for the sales team while maintaining access and visibility to the showroom at all times.

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Rather than brand the space for one or both agencies, ai3 developed a space that would ultimately illustrate what it means to be creative in general.
Like a finely tailored suit, texture and pattern are incorporated throughout the space and subtly reinforce the firm’s customized approach to wealth management.

To stand apart from the competition, the guest’s procession through the showroom is holistically tailored as a hospitality experience.

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