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turnerboone showroom

To stand apart from the competition, the guest’s procession through the showroom is holistically tailored as a hospitality experience.

Sometimes the world of corporate office furniture can seem a bit impersonal. Fortunately for those interested in office furniture procurement, Ellen Turner, Laura Boone, and the team at turnerboone furnish the warm-and-fuzzies. Experts in conceptualizing, procuring, installing, and maintaining furniture and modular building products, the turnerboone model is based on experience, integrity, ethics, and accountability, all with a creative and boutique approach.

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While supporting daily work, the CODA tenant amenities contrast the typical office space by creating fresh and lively surroundings for cultivating new ideas.
Once an empty three-story cavern, the B400 atrium is now a modern-day camp with space to gather, retreat, or recharge the imagination.

Exposed brick walls, large windows, and steel trusses are integrated seamlessly in the design.

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