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The simplest answer is this: you want something different.


Your project is unique. After all, it is your vision, your investment, your business. Why not expect a design strategy that is equally unique?


At ai3, we approach design differently. We look for partners rather than clients, like-minded business-people who want to see their vision take shape. Clients give our work meaning, they fuel our process and, because no two clients are alike, they ensure that our work will always be distinct. 


Our partners never cease to inspire us with their stories, experience, and earnest enthusiasm. When we build relationships with our clients, it is only natural that we relate to their vision and are able to give it shape and function. For us, success is as much a product of shared-ownership as it is creative talent.


Just as we find meaning in the stories of our clients, we are mindful that our work is in essence a business investment. Our solutions play a role in business and so, from beginning to end, the ai3 process looks for ways to incorporate metrics and evaluate results. We are entrepreneurs as well as architects, designers, and artists. Results matter.

For General Inquiries, please write us: info@ai3online.com
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