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Vision can be an esoteric word in the design world. At ai3, clients and designers work together to define the vision for each project. Within every space, there exists a story. For ai3, vision is that story. With their guidance, clients become narrators, articulating their specific vision, voicing ideas and expectations in detail. ai3’s collaborative vision session pairs clients with a creative team to determine the tone, setting, and plot for their space. They decide how a space will feel, how it will function, what it will say, and the role it will play in the future.

For the architects and designers at ai3, this vision session is critical. It not only provides the foundation for their work, but is also an opportunity to establish personal connections with each client, to listen, and engage. The client-collaborative nature of the vision session guarantees that the outcome will always yield a unique result and ensures that no overarching “ai3 style” exists. For ai3’s clients, vision is personal. It establishes their story as the driving force behind the project, reinforcing that the project belongs to them.

The story continues as ai3 renders concepts into form. It is at this stage that the architects and designers of ai3 begin to create a physical world in which the story will be experienced. With the vision session as their guide, the ai3 team begins to develop the design, informing their decisions with extensive research. This exploration adds dimension and authenticity to the design by incorporating outside influences such as food, fashion, graphics and everyday objects. As ideas begin to form, the diverse expertise of ai3’s team lends value to the process, providing informed answers to questions about materials, resources and fabrication. Concepts become illustrations, clients are consulted, and ideas such as layered murals, battered metal panels, transparent tunnels and floating walkways take shape.

As each story becomes a space, there is a moment where the concept meets the outside world. Plans and drawings make their way into the hands of fabricators and builders, and ai3’s clients begin to witness the tactical skill that this team wields. ai3’s creative talent is backed by a reputation for seamless execution and professional confidence. As architects and designers become project managers, they skillfully steer projects through the complex world of permitting, inspections and scheduling.

The life of each concept begins long before ai3 is consulted and extends far beyond each unveiling. The ultimate success of each product, environment, or structure is measured in terms greater than the span of its creation. For ai3, this understanding is present throughout the process. It forces difficult questions to be answered about the relevance and function of each design, and acknowledges the ultimate responsibility that each product has to the client.

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