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Cold Beer

  • Interior Design
  • Architecture

With a name like, "Cold Beer," the image is intended to break expectations. The latest concept from Chef Kevin Gillespie captures the energy of the Atlanta BeltLine while creating a unique culinary communal gathering place. The design of the patio, feature bar, dining room and rooftop patio showcase a non-serious modern aesthetic with a hint of whimsy.

The drastic contrast of the color palette utilizes a dark charcoal exterior against a light blond interior.

Authentic materials of concrete, wood, metal and stone are showcased throughout the project in their natural tones.

The 2-story space is flushed with natural light and highlight's Gillespie's love of art and architecture.

Serene and simple, this blank canvas allows the bar to burst with color and activity, setting the stage for the talented Mercedes O'Brien and her feature cocktails.

Panels of preserved mosses, flowers and ferns chosen and arranged by the team, frame the theater of the nine-seat bar. The dining room's most striking feature is the 13-foot painting of a polar bear by artist O.M. Norling. Commissioned by chef and featuring a polar bear, Gillespie's spirit animal, the composition is intended to be a celebration of life.

Program Components

Feature Bar for Beverage-centric concept
Dining Room
Private Dining Room
Patio on Atlanta's Beltline, Eastside Trail
Rooftop Bar & Seating for Private Events


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