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Cooks & Soldiers

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Cooks & Soldiers

  • Interior Design

Throughout Cooks & Soldiers, Spanish elements mix with French sophistication and Southern style.

A small region that lies between France and Spain, the Basque country is a land rich with culture and flavor. The design for Cooks & Soldiers is largely influenced by Basque pintxos bars, which serve small hand-held snacks, reminiscent of Spanish tapas. Spanish elements mix with French sophistication and Southern style throughout the design of the space. The open dining room features custom cider-barrel walls evoking the Basque cider barns, all the while maintaining some Southern familiarity. Spanish tiles on the floor of the bar and entry provide a warm welcome to guests and remind them that they are in for a culinary adventure.

Program Components

130 guests
open & private dining rooms
cocktail bar
pintxo bar
inviting patio & streetside dining

Cooks & Soldiers


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