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Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market

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  • Interior Design
  • Branding
  • Styling & Accessories

The dazzling Dragonfly restaurant in Doral, Florida immerses diners in the bustling experience of an authentic Japanese fish market. For the unique design concept, ai3 was inspired by Dragonfly’s brand philosophy that food, drink and life are to be shared and celebrated.

From the moment guests enter the restaurant, the space unfolds before their eyes.

Diners wander through the fish market, passing under custom painted fabric panels into a vibrant nautical setting. A giant illuminated fish head is suspended from the ceiling, formed from hundreds of steel hooks.

The bar, sushi bar, lounge and private dining rooms all encourage the idea of “the shared table” where diners can gather together, make connections and enjoy a communal meal.

Each area of the 238-seat restaurant is equally engaged and supports the dining experience.

Underfoot, the wood floors are reminiscent of the hull of a ship.

Pendants are stretched like the long-line cables of a fishing boat and hang over head in the dining room.

Program Components

Fish Market
Sushi Bar & Robata Grill
Bar (indoor/outdoor)
Private Dining
Outdoor Patio

"The key ingredient in ai3's successful delivery? Doing the deep dive to truly understand our core brand identity. They creatively found solutions to tell our story during the guests' experience - from start to finish - no detail is missed. Truly world class!


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