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Global Tech Company
Atlanta Campus Amenities, South Building

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Global Tech Company - Atlanta Campus Amenities

  • Interior Design
  • Curated Art
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Furniture Selection

"I See You." - By embracing the colorful Atlanta story and all those who have shaped it, the space creates a tangible bond within the local community. By inviting visitors to step into the shoes of a high-tech engineer, or a change maker of Atlanta, every visitor is empowered to achieve more.

Be Genuine. Engage & Connect. Have a Local Vibe.

Atlanta has established itself as a global magnet for opportunity, where instigators for change are not only allowed, but they are welcomed. People from all walks of life flock to the city, creating a diverse amalgamation of transplants and locals, for whom the opportunity to succeed need not come at the price of conformation.

Have Flavor & Swag. Display Magnetic Energy.

Through the creation of a space that is both inviting and invigorating for all who enter, the design exudes inclusivity within the urban energy found in the city of Atlanta.

Display Urban Grit. Create Daring Features. Contrast Bold Elements.

The design creates an environment where all are invited to interact and immerse themselves in the company's story. By incorporating the characteristics of Atlanta's urban environment and its inhabitants, the space ignites the soul of Atlanta.

Program Components

Lobby & Reception
Barista | Lounge
Multipurpose Room | MPR Breakout
Food Hall
Dining | Servery

Utilize a Multicultural Palette.

Major players in Atlanta’s history have made a lasting impact on the city by stepping out of the norm in an unapologetically bold way. Everyone who has changed the course of Atlanta’s past has done so by being authentic to who they are, standing strong in their beliefs, and working diligently. These leading individuals have paved the path for all the succeeding movers and shakers to be able to follow in their footsteps and be a catalyst for change.


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