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Global Tech Company
Canadian Headquarters, Toronto

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Global Tech Company Headquarters

  • Interior Design
  • Curated Art
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Furniture Selection
  • Styling & Accessories

The experience created in their new headquarters supports strong relationships, creates memorable imprints, and celebrates the diverse nature of all aspects of Canadian life. ai3 worked in conjunction with the client's design team and Perkins + Will Toronto as the Architect of Record.

Create Adventure. Provide Connections.

The design celebrates the diverse environments found throughout Canada with color, materials, and forms heavily influenced by the natural landscapes of Canada. As guests descend the staircase, an art installation wraps the stair opening and reinforces the company's commitment to "Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more."

Adventure manifests itself within the canted walls of this company's new Canadian headquarters in the heart of Toronto. Dynamic architectural forms, hand-crafted details, and rich materials are woven together with modern touches. Nicknamed "Base Camp," the reception area includes stone from British Columbia, Canadian teak-wood, and Canadian red accents set beneath the show-stopping wood ceiling inspired by the Canadian mountainside and juxtaposed with the breathtaking views of downtown Toronto.

Regional Relevance.

Jordan Bennett is a Mi’kmaq visual who lives and works on his ancestral territory of Mi’mkma’ki in Terence Bay, Nova Scotia. Jordan's mural derives inspiration from technologies old and new and from sources as diverse as industrial design and the traditions of First Nations people. His characteristic “X” motif recalls in equal measure Mi’kmaq porcupine quill basket designs and the X-Box controller the artist used as a teen. "I utilize all these different worldview in my artwork," Bennett says. Weaving historical and contemporary, fine art and pop culture, the artist allows us to see the universal in the specific.

Program Components

Lobby & Reception | Barista | Lounge
Envisioning Theater | Interactive Demo Areas
Incubation | TechLink Center
Multipurpose Room | MPR Breakout
Executive Briefing Suites | Serveries
Small, Medium, Large Conference Rooms
Social Hub | Breakout Lounge
Focus, Phone, Flex, and Conversation Rooms
Standardized & Alternative Workpoints

From the mountainous terrains of the Canadian Rockies, to the forward-thinking cities of Vancouver and Toronto, each space echoes the diverse cultural beauty found within Canada.

Evoke outdoor adventure.

Layered amongst the panoramic views of Lake Ontario, the multipurpose room represents the company's dedication to accelerating innovation and technology through the lens of the modern adventurer. Faceted ceiling panels in various shades of blue evoke the mountain tops and carpet made from recycled fishing nets creates a water-inspired design extending from the beautiful lake beyond.

Integrate Technology. Showcase Details.

Through intentional design, modern influences of technology and the journey of discovery, the design of the space follows the company's mission to "empower every person to achieve more." The patterns and details showcased in the main Social Hub for employees are inspired by traditional Canadian quilts, camping backpacks, and fishing buoys.

Celebrate Craft. Tell Stories.

Employee neighborhoods are named after districts found within Canada's major cities. A custom graphic was designed by local graphic designers and then hand-painted by a group of 8 local women lead by artist Lauren Kerbel. West Queen West. Inglewood. Petit Champlain. Wolseley. Mile End. Fernwood. Kitsilano. Grasslands. Yoho. Fundy. Jasper. Tuktut. Rouge.


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