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Hotel Indigo Athens

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Hotel Indigo Athens

  • Interior Design
  • Styling & Accessories

MODERN SOUTHERN FARMSTEAD . . . Athens, Georgia comes from a rich history of innovators, craftsmen, and farmers. Today, The Modern Southerner is not your typical farmer living on a farmstead. Athens, in itself, is a farmstead of people, characters, artists, personalities and traditions.

Inspired by the continuation of cultivation, ai3's design renovation to the Hotel Indigo Athens is a celebration of diversity through craft, support for community and the pursuit of an authentic life.
Community. Diversity Authenticity.

A seamless connection was made between the indoors and outdoors.

A new retractable awning supports day-long, year-round gatherings for both guests and the Athens community. This beautiful setting hosts weddings as well a celebration among UGA football fans.

Inspired by the detailed joinery of the modern artisan, new Guest Room furnishings provide a new warmth and approachable style.

A mixed media installation from local artists features illustrations, photography, and embroidery.

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