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Ink & Elm

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Atlanta is known for its historic neighborhoods, architectural time capsules that mark the city’s growth. Druid Hills is one of the most well-preserved examples and is indicative of the grandeur of late 19th and early 20th century lifestyle. In addition to the architecture, the area is famous for its landscape and linear parks which were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect behind New York’s Central Park. Ink & Elm celebrates the deep history rooted in this neighborhood, while being a tribute to Frederick Law Olmsted and to the trees he envisioned that line the streets today.

Art of the Hand

Staying true to the topical era, ai3 wanted to set Ink & Elm apart by creating a custom motif that artistically alluded to the turn-of-the-century aesthetic reflected within the interior space. The hand-sculpted silhouette of an elm tree carved out of a linoleum plate provided a graphically compelling icon for the brand, while black ink brought the vision to life.

A Brand Rooted in Nature

Inspired by sketchbooks of horticulturists, this branding concept utilizes exaggerated perforations and blank spaces to allude to notebooks and tear-away pages. This visual weight of the trees juxtaposed next to the generous amount of negative space provides an elegant and refined branding opportunity.

A Natural Narrative

Light dances through the 100-year-old oak trees that canopy the neighborhood of Druid Hills. A graphic film creates visual interest and a dynamic barrier between the swanky restaurant lounge space and the bustling kitchen beyond.

Concept to Reality

Aged bronze signage customized with the full logo accompany the sophisticated and eye-catching building sign, illuminated by gooseneck wall sconces.

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