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Intown Golf Club

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Intown Golf Club

  • Interior Design
  • Architecture

In its second location for IGC, ai3's team develops design opportunities where regionally relevant inspiration can be developed for unique design elements as the concept expands to other urban cities.

A bit of European 70s sexy vibe

A place where you want to stay and sip bourbon, where secrets stay secrets, and there’s a warm glow that makes everyone look bangin’. The pace and flow of the Intown Golf Club experience revolves around social interaction, evoking both luxury and convenience in a curated private club.

Designing a layered experience brings an element of discovery and allows storytelling to occur. Downtown social clubs and modern-day gathering spaces inspired the designs for the Intown Golf Club brand. These member clubs evoke and all-weather golf club experience with a dynamic bar, great room, and lounges hugging closely to Track Man simulator bays.

Notoriously hard to make attractive and inviting, IGC seizes the opportunity to elevate the design around indoor golf simulators. As central as the golf simulators are to the purpose and experience of the space, the aesthetic goal allows them to blend in and disappear as much as possible. By integrating architectural details and flexible intimacy, social cocktail spaces are provided for when golf is or isn’t taking place.

Program Components

(8) TrackMan Golf Simulator Bays with Lounge Seating
Feature Bar | Dining
Great Room
Cocktail Lounge
Private Dining Room
Pro Shop | Retail
Locker Rooms
Patio Dining with Putting Green


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