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Kimball International Offices

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Kimball International Offices

  • Interior Design

The Kimball family is a family of makers. The company’s core values center on a quest for quality and craftsmanship, and the Kimball Headquarters in Jasper, Indiana honors that heritage, showcasing the co-mingling of technology and craft that has defined the brand for decades. As the Interior Design team, ai3 collaborated with HAFER as the Architect of Record out of Evansville, Indiana.

Above all, each space in the project feels welcoming.

From the “sunken living room” in the lobby, to the hospitality-driven bar and dining areas, to the inviting outdoor space, every area has been designed to be warm, approachable, and encourage collaboration.

The centerpiece of the project is the Hub, a large, communal gathering space.

Evoking a hotel lobby or coffee house, the Hub is dynamic and flexible, featuring an array of technology that enhances creativity and productivity—so the Kimball team of makers is always ready to craft what’s next.

Program Components

Living Room Lobby with Fireplace
Design Studio | Library
Bar | Lounge with Private Meeting | Dining Room
Exterior Patio with Outdoor Kitchen & Dining
Employee Workspace + Workrooms
Huddle | Meeting Rooms | Maker Space
Heartwood Hub | Cafe & Market
Auditorium & Flexible Meeting Spaces
Games, Lounge, & Wellness Suite

Kimball International Offices

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