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Kimberly Clark
R+D clubhouse

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Kimberly Clark

  • Interior Design

Once an empty three-story cavern, the B400 atrium is now a modern-day camp with space to gather, retreat, or recharge the imagination.

During ai3’s Day One Workshop, the notion of communal creativity evolved. Kimberly Clark needed a space that would inspire creative brilliance within their R&D building and allow folks to simply blow off steam. The space is equal parts clubhouse and hive, functioning as both a playful wilderness and a nerve center for the surrounding campus. The three stories are connected by a series of wood “ribs” from which green theatrical fabric is draped. Like the filtered light beneath a tree or the shelter of a screened porch, these whimsical structures diffuse light and provide privacy.

For Kimberly Clark, the space is transformative on many levels. ai3 has designed a highly functioning space to encourage productivity and collaboration. Once a place where inter-building conference calls often took the place of face-to-face meetings, now employees have a reason to get up and an exciting place to meet.

Program Elements

Lodge War Room
Nest Meeting Room and Porch
Airstream Conference Room
Impromptu meeting areas
Coffee bar + Break Room
Campfire Rockers
Breakout Areas

Kimberly Clark

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