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State Farm Arena - Member Clubs

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Chefs' Club & Concert Club

  • Interior Design

Bringing a hospitality experience to the renovated home of the Atlanta Hawks, ai3 helps create two unique experiences for fans and local foodies.

Chefs' Club

At the State Farm Arena’s new Chefs’ Club, food is theater as members are given an authentic dining experience in a real restaurant and kitchen. Chefs' Club members enjoy an exclusive experience beyond the game, including a chef’s table experience, open kitchen views, and tasting menus and cocktails all made from fresh, local ingredients.

Rich, honest materials

The design language and material palette draw inspiration from the copper equipment often found in alcohol distilleries. Rich, honest materials and moody lighting underscore the club’s Southern hospitality.

Concert Club

The Concert Club provides the best place to celebrate a great night out for fans and guests at the State Farm Arena. This club focuses on the emotional connection to the event of the evening, extracting many experiences that bring Atlantans together.

Program Components

Loge Box Seating
Luxurious Bar
Display Cooking
Cocktail Lounges
Party Deck

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