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Microsoft Alpharetta

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Microsoft Alpharetta

  • Branding
  • Curated Art
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Signage
  • Styling & Accessories

In an office where technology is king and employee development is valued, ai3 envisioned a warm, hospitable space where connectivity is encouraged, and moments of discovery further immerse guest into the Microsoft experience. Inspired by the Atlanta Beltline’s ability to showcase impactful art while connecting people from all walks of life, ai3 thoughtfully used Environmental Graphic Design to reflect the interconnected experience and outdoor lifestyle that makes Atlanta the “City of Trees”.

Along the trail within the new Microsoft Technology Center, moments of discovery unfold a story of regional relevance. In part, ai3 worked with local street artists to curate an art experience reminiscent of the bold murals found along the Atlanta Beltline. These hand painted murals entice guests to further explore the space while also serving as a means of wayfinding.

Known for its trees, Atlanta is a city emerging out of the brush. The design team was inspired by the naturally occurring patterns found within nature, and specifically the intricate balance of design and function seen within pinecones. Imbricate alpine-like leather tiles wrap an expansive curving wall, guiding you around the space while artistically integrating Biophilia.

Authentic and Purposeful

Painted steel plates in brilliant, glossy hues, each with their own letter, are welded together to form an oversized crossword puzzle. Natural light filters through the fabricated grid, indicative of a stained-glass window. Guests and staff are encouraged to find as many words as they can, all inspired by the Microsoft brand. Inspired by the colorful nature found in graffiti, local artists were commissioned to paint skateboards, further portraying the local narrative told within the space.

Shadows and Light

Layering of materials and architectural lighting emulate shadows and beams of light that filter through a tree canopy, sheltering a trail. Corridors of filtered light evoke the feeling of a warm Spring day, relaxing and opening the creative mind.

Meaningful Accents

Layered in the connection of spaces, accessories emphasize warmth and the welcoming concept of southern hospitality. Both guests and staff are meant to feel at home, encouraged to interact, and build lasting memories within the walls of Microsoft’s Technology Center.

Follow the Trail Ahead

Inspired by wayfinding found within nature trails, the design team created trail markers for guests and staff to navigate through the different employee neighborhoods.

Project Services

Environmental Graphic Design | Curated Art | Signage & Wayfinding | Styling & Accessories


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