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Peer Table for Geiger

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  • Product Development

ai3 designs a new kind of table for Geiger, targeting the modern professional.

In today’s workplace, there are new definitions for concepts like conferencing and meeting.

A great amount of work occurs outside individual offices – in casual meeting areas, off-site, in shared environments. Many professionals engage in ad hoc conversations that spring up throughout the office: sometimes placing laptops on top of flat files or stacks of boxes as they spontaneously share ideas. Peer tables are about facilitating these conversations, a less formal way of meeting in group areas. They offer not only a beautiful object as an alternative for these connections, but also product is selected.

A hub for business connection in open, collaborative “end zones”, Peer tables are beautiful enough to stand alone in an open architecture, yet welcoming enough to encourage daily use.

The table is designed in both standing and seated heights. The worksurface height is ideal for casual collaboration and brief transactions in open office, retail, lounge and restaurant settings. The seated height is particularly well-suited for lengthier interactions in conference, reception, library and studio environments.

The integrated shelf is an aesthetically pleasing detail that holds items a user might bring to a conversation but doesn’t need to be front and center.

Like all Geiger furniture, Peer tables are crafted using the finest sustainably harvested, architectural-grade veneers on the market.


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